What is the best hoverboard for 10 years?

Although designed to be used by teenagers and adults, scooters have been introduced to the world of kids. Thanks to the new technologies applied to these vehicles, you can now control the balance in a simpler way.
This is the main reason why they have become so popular among 10-year-old infants because the self-balancing they provide has increased in level, which makes it possible for kids to get on and off without problems.

The fact that the platform is maintained horizontally and is more stable, provides the opportunity for minors to control the movements and get to drive it with great skill.
In addition, the new models do not have the tendency to roll themselves in any direction, because they are activated through the movements of the feet. Another benefit is that due to the height they present, it is not possible for them to hit the sidewalks and damage them.
Regarding the size of the hoverboard for a 10-year-old child, the 6.5-inch or the 8-inch is recommended, since the wheels are larger and provide greater load capacity. Despite being heavier than 4.5 inches, they can be carried around without problems.
On the other hand, the 10-inch have greater autonomy, are heavier and offer more efficient speeds, which is not recommended for these ages. The speed they must have is between 9 km / h and 12 km / h, to ensure a safe ride.
Although there are many kids who can perfectly master the combination of speed, weight, and height, you should not take risks by giving them a scooter that could damage them instead of protecting them. The decision is for adults who should review all the advice offered.
The power that the motors must have is between 300 watts and 400 watts, with this range they will ensure an excellent force to drive the hoverboard. The batteries they contain should be at least 4000 mAh, and preferably from the Samsung brand. From there, it will have a longer duration and you can enjoy more time to travel.
The best hoverboard for kids can be found with manufacturers EverCross, SmartGyro X2, Markerboard, and MegaWheels, who guarantee the corresponding safety certifications, are made with quality materials, and provide innovative design, even many models have Bluetooth.

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Mistakes Frequently Made In Twitter Use

Mistakes Frequently Made In Twitter UseAre you using Twitter now? Twitter is one of the most popular social networking sites out there, there’s no question. Most Indonesians now know and use Twitter in their daily activities, both for business and personal purposes.

It is strongly recommended that a person who works in a company has a Twitter account for their business promotion through Media Partner. If you’re new to Twitter, you may have a hard time getting started or even be confused in conversations with other people.

Such difficulties often cause many people to lose the opportunity to present their business through social media.

Maybe you are new to Twitter, or maybe you’ve been around social media for a long time, but have you done your social media activities on Twitter?

Here are some mistakes that are often made when using Twitter:

1. You have not completed your biography correctly

Twitter users generally prefer to follow an account that has completed a good bio, so make sure you don’t forget to complete your bio in the profile section.

You don’t have to make a great-looking bio, just give brief information about yourself and the topics you like to make your profile more interesting to follow.

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2. Using the logo as a profile picture

If you are creating a Twitter account for yourself, you should also use a photo of yourself as your profile picture. Using the company logo or company logo on your personal Twitter account is not the right thing to do unless you place the logo on your corporate or work Twitter account.

Make sure you put up photos that show you clearly. Using full body photos is not recommended as your face will not be seen clearly, given the Twitter profile picture which is only available in a small box. Make sure your face is clearly visible on your Twitter account, as this will make others trust you more.

3. Only post promotional content

Twitter is indeed a very effective medium for your promotional activities, but that doesn’t mean that it only publishes content promoting your product or business. If you post a promotion you will find that it is like speaking in a blank space because no one will care.

Twitter is a social media platform, so treat it the way you should, stay connected with others, and socialize on Twitter. You need to combine promotional tweets and personal tweets, it will look more natural.

4. Send automatic messages to subscribers

Initially, this idea was to send a “thank you” or “greeting” message to new subscribers, but in its use, most people use this automated message to send messages containing sales promotions and SPAM messages.

You should only use these automated messaging tools to say hello or thank you. Do not pretend to be SPAMMER by sending automatic messages containing messages selling your products or services to new subscribers.

5. Only publish continuous blog feeds

It’s not that I don’t like something automatic, but if you never post something to your account or greet your new followers manually, people will probably think your account is a boring bot. And eventually your followers will ignore your tweets, or worse, they will leave you.

6. Too stingy to follow other people

You might have seen a Twitter account that has hundreds of thousands of followers, but that account only follows 10 people. In my opinion, that is not fair, unless you are a very famous artist like Justine Bieber.

You don’t have to follow all of the accounts that follow, but you should follow all of the accounts that have the same interests as you or people who have the potential to become your clients.

7. I forgot to add a special symbol before replying to a tweet

On Twitter, conversations between you and others beginning with the “username” symbol can only be seen by other Twitter accounts that become your follower as well as your Twitter peers.

This might not be a big deal for you, but try to imagine what would happen if your interviewer was a famous person in your industry and met them on Twitter. Of course, you want your followers to know that you are talking to a famous character, but if you don’t use this important symbol, other people who become your follower and also your interlocutor’s follower will not see the conversation.

8. Commit disrespecting hashtags for personal advertising purposes

Maybe you are tempted to use each trending theme to promote your business. For example, if the topic “#JustineBieberDower” is trending, adding the same hashtags to your post will make that post visible to anyone watching that phrase, which could attract a lot of followers and also traffic to your treat.

However, mentioning your brand on every trending topic is not a good thing, this mistake is often made by a newbie or someone who doesn’t care about their Twitter account. Only use popular hashtags when appropriate, don’t use trending hashtags, and aren’t related to your business unless you want to be called SPAMMER.

9. Very rarely uses Twitter

Maybe the hustle and bustle makes you think it’s enough to just use Twitter once a month. When a lot of people say that Twitter is a full-blown place for their business, in fact, what they are saying isn’t social media but the profits from the connections created on social media.

If you only open your account once a month, how can you connect with your friends on Twitter?

If you want to be successful with Twitter, you need to avoid the nine mistakes above. Just following the nine tips above won’t make you successful on Twitter. So if you have any other recommendations for business owners to get the most out of the Twitter platform, please submit your recommendations via the comments below.

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3 Easy Ways to Integrate Blogs with Twitter

Integrate Blogs with Twitter

Integrate Blogs with Twitter

Social media activities are having an increasing impact on the development of a blog or website, at least that’s how I feel about the Cool Twitter Backgrounds blog, and maybe other bloggers too. I see more and more visitors to my blog on social networks Twitter and Facebook. This activity on social networks, in addition to attracting more traffic, will also increase the credibility of a blog on search engines, especially Google.

Some of us may use the manual method to post links to blog posts. Every time we post a blog post, we need to open a social media account (Facebook and Twitter) and then manually post the link to social media. This way we can do it, but enough time. I prefer my blog post link to be automatically posted on social media without having to log into my social media account one by one.

How do you post a blog post link on social media for a campaign promoting blog content on social media to be effective?

There are several ways to choose:

Do it the old fashioned way, i.e. publish it manually. I do not recommend this method, it takes a long time.

  1. Use word press plugins.
  2. It can actually be done, but we’re not just talking about WordPress blogging.
  3. Use of third-party facilities, for example Twitterfeed.com, Dlvr.it.

For the https://cooltwitterbackgrounds.com/, I am using the third method, which is to use third party services. The services I use are Twitterfeed.com for Twitter and RSS Graffiti for Facebook. In fact, the Twitter feed can automatically post to Facebook as well, but I prefer RSS Graffiti posts to appear because they include images of my posts in the Facebook posts.

In this article, I’ll walk you through how to integrate my blog with Twitter, using the features of Twitterfeed.com. Ok, go ahead and use this service.

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How to embed a blog with Twitter

You must first have a Twitter account. If you don’t have a Twitter account do it first, I wrote an article on how to create a Twitter account.

Step 1)

The first step is to open the Twitterfeed.com site and create your account there. Do you understand how? Ok, I’ll just write it down here. After opening the Twitter feed site, click on the “Newspapers” button.

Fill in the fields provided, the name of the e-mail, the desired password and enter the captcha in the field provided for this purpose. Then click on the “Create an account” button. New accounts can usually be used immediately, no email confirmation is required. See the picture.


Step 2)

The next step, we can immediately set up the Twitter account. Look at the top of your Twitterfeed panel, click the “Create a New Feed” button. Then fill in the columns provided, like:

Feed name: give your feed a name

Blog URL or RSS Feed URL: Enter the Rss URL of your blog feed. Test the RSS feeds to make sure the URL you entered is correct.

In the Advanced Settings section, we can define how quickly our blog feed will be posted to Twitter, how many posts will be sent, the content of the posts on Twitter and whether or not to include a link. After that, click on the button “Continue to step 2”. Oh yes, don’t forget to log into your Twitter account right away.

Step 3)

After doing step 2, we will be taken to a new page, where we can access our own Twitter account. Click the “Twitter” button on the page, the “Authenticate Twitter” button will appear, click the button. A Twitter authorization page will appear, click the “Authorize Request” button, then you will be returned to the Twitter feed page. The next step is to click on the “Create a Service” button at the bottom of the Twitterfeed.com page.

Until step 3 above, we have completed the setup to embed our blog on Twitter. This method can be used for WordPress based blogging or blogging with other platforms, such as Blogger, Tumblr, and others.

What we need to be careful of is that the feed URL we entered is not incorrect, make sure you have tried it on the Twitter feed page first, if the URL of your blog feed is correct. If you have performed the above steps correctly, the results will be immediately visible on your Twitter account.

Whenever you post content on a blog, in a period that is not too long, the post will also appear on Twitter and there is a link to the article on your blog. Well if you have a lot of followers on Twitter then chances are they will see the post and visit the link to the article. This is the potential traffic of social networks. In the next article, I’ll explain how to integrate a blog with Facebook.

Therefore, a brief explanation of how to integrate blogging with Twitter. Hopefully this article can help you with your social media content promotion campaign and generate traffic for your blog. Thanks for reading my article 🙂

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4 Steps to Successfully Promoting Blogs via Twitter

Professional blogs that will be used as a means of generating income cannot be ignored. To attract a large number of visitors likely to attract advertisers, a blog must have a large and precise number of visitors. Now, to attract enough visitors to attract these advertisers, you must try to make your blog popular and known to many people.

Promotional activities are one form of effort to raise awareness of blogs and ultimately make them visited by internet users. But unfortunately, many bloggers still do not understand and understand effective promotional techniques for their blogs.

There are many ways and by many means that there are many ways to promote a blog. But to achieve efficiency and effectiveness, of course, there will only be several types and techniques of promotion chosen and implemented.

 Social media is a tool that has proven to be quite effective for successful blog promotion.

Because social media is now quite diverse, of course you should pick some of it. # Twitter, which has become a popular social network, is an option not to be missed for this blog promotion activity. Yes, with a large number of users, Twitter has proven to be quite powerful for blogging activities.

While this has proven to be effective, there are unfortunately still many bloggers who have not been able to understand and execute their blog promotions through Twitter.

What are the steps to promote success through Twitter?

1) Make sure you have an account and followers before

Twitter Follows

The Twitter account is undoubtedly the first mandatory requirement for promotion via Twitter. Now after getting it you must have a lot of followers. Followers are people who follow and establish contacts and relationships with your Twitter account.

The more subscribers you have, the more chances you have of successfully promoting your blog. Because? Because when you tweet or share a link to your blog, the more people will see the link and the more likely you are to get visits from your followers.

2) Find another Blogger Twitter account

The second step to a successful Twitter promotion is finding and getting another blogger account on Twitter. You can search for someone’s blogger account or it can also be a community blogger account. Once you find it, you can start building communication and relationships with the blogger account.

The more intense your relationship and communication with the blogger account, the more successful the blog promotion. The forms of communication and relationship that you can establish yourself can be retweeting blog links, following, commenting and visiting each other’s blogs.

3) Share each blog post on Twitter

The main activity to keep in mind to successfully promote a blog via Twitter is of course sharing blog posts on social media. There is no point if you diligently post articles on blogs but do not share those articles on Twitter. You can share these articles by tweeting directly or share blog posts on some blogging communities.

4) Create effective tweets

Finally, the steps and techniques for successfully promoting a blog via Twitter are to create interesting tweets for followers who click on our blog link. It is not easy to attract followers to click on our blog link. But with the use of simple, tasty, non-rigid and interesting words and language, it is not impossible to provoke followers by clicking on our blog link.

Don’t use or install weird links that make people reluctant or afraid to click on them. If you need to add an image, because the image is more able to attract people, but remember, please use images that match the item in it.

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